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Anne Hathaway’s Royal Role
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Anne Hathaway sat down with CBS Correspondent Amanda Holden to discuss her role as The White Queen in Tim Burton’s new movie “Alice in Wonderland.”

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Anne Hathaway interview: Virtue in vice
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DO I know any addicts, Anne Hathaway wants to know. Oh, good grief. It’s not the question that’s disconcerting; it’s the person framing it. With her tidy image and innocent smile, 26-year-old Hathaway is best known for flying the girl-next-door flag in The Devil Wears Prada or playing fairy-tale princesses in Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries.

Her question comes in the wake of one of her latest roles, a rehab patient on a weekend pass to her sister’s wedding in Rachel Getting Married. And she is surprised by my reaction. “I know this seems enormously short-sighted, but to be perfectly frank, I had no idea how strongly I was connected to the image of a good girl,” says Hathaway, flashing that smile. “When I took the role, I just thought, ‘This is a great opportunity for me as an actress.’ I didn’t think, ‘Wow, what a great chance to shake up people’s perception of me.'” (more…)

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Anne Hathaway Bride Wars Interview
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Kate Hudson vows to take the woman next to her in sickness and health, in good box office and bad and during positive press and tabloid twitter.

Hudson, seated by her “Bride Wars” co-star Anne Hathaway, mentions that girl power is No. 1 in her little pink book. In fact, it was her own mother, Goldie Hawn, who first taught her about female solidarity.

“A few years ago my brother was getting married and we had a bridal shower for my sister-in-law,” Hudson says. “My mom made a speech that I’ll never forget. She said, ‘I want all of you girls to look around the room. Even if you don’t know the woman next to you or if it’s your sister, I want you to remember one thing: Men, they come and go. They will hopefully stay, but you never know. But that girl sitting next to you will get you through everything.’ (more…)

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Anne Hathaway: The Awakening, Vogue Interview
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The Awakening

At the end of the affair, her ex went to prison and she became a star. Sally Singer meets the newly single Anne Hathaway and watches her shop and soar.

Topshop in Oxford Circus, London, is a vast, crowded, chaotic nexus of moms, teenagers, working girls, and, above all, stuff. There are piles of handbags and baubles and socks and hair doodads, and everywhere Kate Moss hovers gigantically. Just when you think you’ve found the aforementioned supermodel’s panther-clawed tunic in the right size, some Camden hipsteress with cherry hair and Siouxsie Sioux eyes is grabbing it by the other sleeve. Into this fast fashion fray, one day last October, steps Anne Hathaway, the movie star. Speaking of fashion with speed, Hathaway is wearing a nifty, nipped tweed blazer from Et Vous; a vintage Fred Perry tennis sweater; an Elizabeth and James plaid shirt; natural-waisted J Brand jeans; and slip-on Keds with rabbits drawn on the front. This is a girl who could teach even an NW1 punkette a thing or two about Lower East Side layering.

“Look, she’s buying cheap knickers!” somebody says. And, indeed, Hathaway is in the lingerie department, surveying the three-for-£7 panties in polka dots and funny florals—girly things. She’s also interested in camisoles, jumpsuits (she tries on a strapless black corseted romper), and things that in her mind fall into the “lounge around” category. “No one lounges around cuter than Kate Hudson,” she says. Hudson is her costar and a producer of Bride Wars, which opens this month. (Hudson says, “Annie would show up to work in the indie-mod thing that is her go-to. My go-to is jeans, Rick Owens, a blazer, and lots of bracelets. Hers is red sunglasses, tight black skinny jeans, shirt off the shoulder, cute beanie.”) (more…)

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Hollywood Icon Anne Hathaway
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Anne Hathaway’s gotten smart about many things, but especially Hollywood. A bona fide A-lister, the range of roles she’s chosen—and nailed—are making her a star for the ages

Anne Hathaway arrives for lunch with her brother and a thick, dog-eared copy of Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography. Her brother leaves, Gandhi stays, and both signify. Hathaway, who turns 26 this month with 16 films on her résumé, is in the throes of a career rise that’s meteoric in more ways than one. Those aren’t just any films. To surf from the instant fame at 19 of The Princess Diaries (2001) and its sunny follow-ups to the sophisticated challenges of Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain (2005), David Frankel’s The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Julian Jarrold’s Becoming Jane (2007), Peter Segal’s Get Smart (2008), and Jonathan Demme’s newly opened Rachel Getting Married could give any young actor a DUI-inducing case of ego bends. Not Hathaway. At the mention of prestigious A-listers Lee and Demme in the same sentence, she lets out a laugh as healthy as it is incredulous and says, “Can you believe it?” (more…)

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